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And another one, Court runners add Size

The Court Runners go out a grab a solid inside outside player in Patrick Onwenu. Onwenu has had a solid run in the PBL with Detroit Elite.  After some disagreements with management on playing time and his role on the team, Onwenu came to an resolution in which he was able to help Detroit Elite reach the championship game in 2017.  Now Court Runners are the latest team to benefit from the dismantling of Detroit Elite. This should give the Court Runners some inside toughness on both ends and much needed rebounding help.  GM Gerod Jordan has not disclosed what role Onwenu will play on for the Court Runners.  But considering the help the Court Runners needed on the inside, I am sure it will be a big role indeed.

Guard heaven hit with a Sonic Boom

The name of the game in the offseason is to make your team better by building on to the squad you already have.  The Sonics understand that very well.  Guard Heaven not so much.  The one thing you do not want to do in the offseason is to lose your best player.  By any means necessary if there is a disagreement or communication issue, as a GM you should do everything to try and fix the issue.  Guard Heaven was and upcoming franchise that was entertaining and competitive. Their up-tempo style and in your face trash talk and defensive play made for exciting games. There were rumors that the core of the franchise were not happy with the coaching moves or strategy of the past couple of seasons and changes needed to be made.  Once that rumor got out GM Carl Dotlin went into full on attack mode.  The luring of Kese Allen and Antoine Bedford to the Sonics while still keeping the core unit on the roster might be the best free agency move this offseason.  Couple with securing Malik Albert in the dismantling of Detroit Elite, the Sonics will have the most prolific scoring roster in the PBL.  Sonics will have multiple scoring options with Dominique Buckley, Allen, Albert and Bedford.  But something tells me they are not done.  Lets just hope that Guard Heaven GM Daniel Price can rebound from this and put together a competitive roster.

2EZ making power moves

Johnnie Mills signs with 2EZ giving them a high powered backcourt ready to compete with any backcourt in the league. Mills won a championship with Team Hustle and now he’s looking to team up with Easy E Evans and Bryan Coleman to get this team back on championship alert. There is a lot of championship power on this roster.  Mills brings a tough defensive mindset that can score at will.  GM Parrott has put together one of the best free agent classes for the 2018 season.  Definitely a favorite in the eastern conference that just got a whole lot scarier.

Western Conference just Got stronger

With the exiting of some historic and powerful franchises (CTM & In The Zone) it looked as if the reigning PBL champions were not going to have much competition.  But with the lost of 2 juggernauts, a possibly even stronger juggernaut has formed.  In this day and time guys on all levels of basketball have joined up to make these super teams. I guess the PBL is no different.  Players from the following 2017 tournament playoff teams Detroit Elite, In the Zone, Team Hustle, CTM, Runnin Rebels, and Outlaws have decided to form the new franchise East 2 West for the 2018 season and look to be an early favorite for the BIG 16 final four.  I don’t know how the chemistry will be, who will take a supporting role or who will be the primary go to guy at the end of the game. But what I do know is that they have a lot of options and no matter what  option they choose, on paper they are one of the strongest teams in the PBL.  GM/Player Lloyd Harrison has put the league on notice that he is about winning and nothing else.

Hurricanes add instant offense

After making a blockbuster trade on draft day to secure the #1 pick Donovan Miller, GM/Coach Shontez Thompson has landed former scoring champ Jeremy Allen. Coach Shontez Thompson gets the veteran and scoring punch he needed. Allen we’ll be a great guy to have around the young talented Hurricane squad that made the tournament last season. Look for them to continue to build off of the great inaugural season they had in 2017.

Court runners in a rebuilding season?

It is a tough position to bring in new talent and have that talent gel with the core unit you already have on the roster.  That is exactly the position the Court Runners put themselves in last season.  With the additions of Adrian Burton, Marc Robinson, and Alan Bradford.  All coming from different teams where they had success on the court.  Bradford being the only one that won a championship, everything looked good on paper.  But paper is not where it counts.  The Court Runners struggled with chemistry and players attendance.  That combination resulted in a disaster of a season and no bid to the BIG 16 tournament.   With that being said, it was time for GM Gerod to make some decisions.  So just as quickly the new three came in is as quickly as the old three left out.  All three players have left the Court Runners and signed with a new team. The Court Runners wil be starting from scratch in the rebuilding and the first step was getting a young talented player from the draft in Santana Rich.  He will most likely be asked to grow up quick because there will be no easy nights this summer. The Court Runners also sign veteran sharp shooter Brandon Daniels Sr. (O.A.M) and Emmet Dacey (Runnin Rebels), Juwan Howard Jr.  and Kyle Steward to help the rebuilding process.  Only time will tell if the Court Runners moves will lead to a BIG 16 tournament bid.

Dynamic Duo is going Home

GM Rod Parrott has been putting things together since the early exit from the tournament in 2017.  The first thing on his list was to get Eric Evans and Karl Finley back in a 2EZ uniform.  2EZ is the only team in PBL history to have multiple championships.   After not winning the championship in 2016 Evans and Finley thought a change of scenery would get them back to the championship game.  That was a failed experiment and now it is time for the duo to come back home.   Bryan Coleman established himself as one of the top PBL players last season with a MVP caliber season.  Adding  Eric Evans and Karl Finley to the roster will give 2EZ one of the best starting line-ups in the PBL.  I look forward to Coleman, Evans, Finley, and Toreau to make a strong run for in the BIG 16 tournament.   They will definitely be in the conversation for teams looking to get to the Finals and compete for the title.

Blazers make a splash early

Blazers getting busy day one of free agent signing picking up 3 solid vets Carlos English Giovonne Woods and Shawn Hawkins. This is a major signing for the Blazers.  Blazers struggled last season with consistency, defense, and scoring.  They will get all of that this year from this trio.  All three will be able to provide instant offense and help in all areas of the game.  This will help alleviate the pressure that was put on Paul Williams last season to produce on both ends of the court.  The Blazers still need to address the issue of size in the paint, but this is a good start in the right direction.

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