2018 PBL Draft

Here is the PBL’s 2018 #1 pick Donovan Miller drafted by Sonics then traded for Marlon RipGoose Tabb #8 pick by the Hurricanes.  It is definitely to early to say how these trades will work out, but Donovan Miller will have to produce early and often.  With the lost of Keshon Gordon to injury, Miller will have to fill that void on a team that made a lot of noise during the regular season and the tournament.  Hurricanes are a new franchise and a set back now could hurt in the long term.  The Hurricanes now have acquired the 2017 and 2018 #1 draft picks.  This season will not be a success unless they make a deep run in the 2018 Big 16 Tournament

The Sonics will be looking to rebound from a very disappointing 2017 season where they went just 3-7.  Trading away the #1 draft pick does not always bode well, but hopefully the pieces that were returned for the #1 pick are enough to get them back to a respectable record and tournament berth.

On A Mission on the Right Path to the Big 16 Tournament

On A Mission gets what they wanted out of the draft.  After barely missing the tournament O.A.M came into the draft looking to add some size and defense and with the addition of 1st round pick Big-Bag Biggs and 2nd round pick Anthony “Kap” Jordan this could be a big step towards them punching that ticket to the tournament this season. They still need to address the backcourt issue but I’m sure they’ll look for another veteran guard to play in the backcourt with Mike Hawkins. Overall this is pretty solid draft for this team.


Eric Bell Looking to make his own Impact for 2018

Coach Elder Tyrenn Hines has started the process of rebuilding the Impact franchise back to the glory days, by adding second year wing Eric Bell. This is a good look for both player and team with the additions  of veteran point guard Alan Bradford and front court players Marc Robinson and Terence Dockery.  This young guy could develop into a pretty nice player behind their leadership on and off the court.  We should see Impact and Coach Hines back in the hunt for a bid to the Big 16 Tournament again soon.


Davis looking for a fresh start

The Blazers used the 5th pick to select SG Mike Davis a player that took full advantage of the chance to showcase himself to a team that wants to give him a chance to restart his PBL career.   He was very focused and ready to prove to the rest of the league he is back and ready to help a team get to the Big 16 Tournament.  With the additions of veterans Carlos English, Shawn Hawkins, and newcomer Giovonne Woods, the Blazers look right on track to blaze a trail to a championship.  General Manager Andrew Bradford is said to have a few more pieces to add to an already good looking roster.

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